Another form of racing on motorcycles. It takes place around an oval dirt track in an anti-clockwise direction between 4,6 or 8 competitors. The track is unlike that used in Supercross as it is flat and without obstacles. While there are many variants to this kind of motorsport, the most common is Speedway. This variant is competed on a national and international level all over the world.

Accumulating Points

Track racing differs from other sports in that the winner of any given race is not necessarily the overall winner. Races are carried out over a number of heats. Points are awarded on a sliding scale to the participants. The winning team or person overall is the one who has accumulated the most points at the completion of all the heats.


Custom motorcycles are used during the races. They are designed without brakes and are fuelled by methanol rather than petrol. Depending on the variant of the sport, some bikes may also lack gears or rear suspension which is the case for Speedway. Methanol drives the engine to run at a high compression ratio which means more speed and power. While its all good and well to have a machine with all the right specs, the ability to handle the bike around corners is what sets riders apart from the rest. Taking a corner successfully without decelerating is key.

Variants Change The Game

Track racing variants as set out by the authority, FIM, are specifically laid out. Speedway tracks are those which are topped with brick, granite, loose material which has been rolled into the base surface. Long track surfaces are similar in nature to that of Speedway tracks. Grass tracks consist of firm surfaces of fairly level turf. Ice racing is as the name implies. A track covered in ice to a thickness of a minimum of 10cm.